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Astronauts to Take Two iPhones to the Final Frontier

Two iPhone 4s will be lifted off into space on the shuttle Atlantis for the mission tentatively scheduled for launch on July 8. Sadly for the astronauts they won’t be using the iPhones to kill time by playing Angry Birds or FaceTiming with loved ones, but instead will be using

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Steve Jobs Recovering From Hormone Imbalance, To Remain Apple’s CEO

With the announcement from Apple that Steve Jobs would not be keynoting the last Macworld, many speculated that his health was the culprit. Because of this, Mr. Jobs has posted an open letter to the community regarding his health. In the letter, Steve revealed that a hormonal imbalance has been causing him to lose weight throughout 2008, something which has fueled much of the speculations about the CEO's deminishing health.


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