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Basic Tutorial: Playing Personal Music in Any Application

Without the multitasking feature available thanks to the [almost outdated] iOS 4, the above title wouldn’t be as easy to make happen. Currently, many applications will stop your music that’s playing in the background due to their SFX and BGM starting to play when the app is opened; I’ll let

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iPhone Developers, Firemint (Flight Control, Real Racing 1 & 2) Acquire Infinite Interactive

This morning I received news via email that Firemint (Flight Control, Real Racing and Real Racing 2) have acquired Infinite Interactive. Both based in Australia, these teams have merged together into one in Firemint’s recently expanded offices. Founder of Infinite Dreams, Steve Fawkner will take on the product management role

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3-D Vector Pong

When most people think of "Pong", they think of the lo-tech, 2 dimensional arcade game by Atari from 1972. 3-D Vector Pong by Gyrocade is essentially the same game, but with a very modern, 3-D twist, adapted to the sophisticated technology of the iPhone and iPod touch.


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