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Tim Cook to Get Deposition Order in Antitrust Case

US District Judge Lucy Koh has ordered Apple CEO Tim Cook to give a deposition in a lawsuit which alleges that technology companies–including Apple–violated antitrust laws by signing an agreement to refrain from recruiting each other’s employees.

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Recent Apple Patent Application Describes “Walkie-Talkie” Feature Set for iPhone

Per a recently published patent application, Apple has been exploring a new feature that could allow iPhone users to transmit data such as simple text messages to each other over voice channels, bypassing wireless carriers’ backend servers in a manner similar to Nextel's classic walkie-talkie feature.

Per AppleInsider, the concept is detailed in a company patent filing made this past November. As the filing explains, conventional text messaging systems require the use of what is referred to as a backend server that may be limited in the amount of information that can be handled at a particular time and is therefore capacity limited.


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