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iPhone Developers, Firemint (Flight Control, Real Racing 1 & 2) Acquire Infinite Interactive

This morning I received news via email that Firemint (Flight Control, Real Racing and Real Racing 2) have acquired Infinite Interactive. Both based in Australia, these teams have merged together into one in Firemint’s recently expanded offices. Founder of Infinite Dreams, Steve Fawkner will take on the product management role

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iPhone-Dev Team Releases PwnageTool 2.0 [Update: v2.0.1 Released]

With no fanfare whatsoever, the iPhone-Dev Team has officially released version 2.0 of their aptly named PwnageTool. The tool, for those who don't already know, performs several functions on the iPhone and its software and firmware. Primarily, PwnageTool "pwns" the iPhone's firmware which allows unsigned software and firmware to be restored to the iPhone. This, in turn, gives the ability to jailbreak and, of course, unlock the iPhone.


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