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Is Jony Ive Responsible for Apple’s “Low Performance”?

Apple rumors are always juicy, but this latest one takes the cake. Apple is falling apart because Jony Ive and its design team have too much power, designing ultra-sleek products that are difficult to manufacture. This, according to a respected analyst.

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iPad 2 Beats Mac Systems In a Speed Test

Sure, the iPad 2 already has size, weight, and battery life advantages over a modern computer. Would I sound crazy if I said you can add speed to that list? A recent speed test, conducted using the newest Mac hardware in an Apple Store nonetheless, suggests that the dual-core ARM

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Gorillapod Go-Go Holds Your iPhone In Place In Style

The Gorillapod started out as a small, flexible, grippy tripod for holding cameras. It's tentacle-like rubberized gripping arms can be twisted and contorted to hold a camera steady just about anywhere. Now they have adapted it to fit other things, among which are the iPhone and iPod touch. They call it the Gorillapod Go-Go.


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