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Revealed: What the Product in That “Mind-Blowing” Video Is

Remember that video we had posted about two weeks ago that showcased a product with an ability to bring virtual items into the real world? If so, that probably left a fairly impressed, but skeptical impression. Though the skepticism is indeed justified, it is in fact a real product. Before

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Pogue: Congress Should Stop Worrying About Exclusivity; Focus On Other Carrier Issues

If you're an iPhone user in the U.S. (especially if you've tried buying an iPhone 3GS after owning a 3G), chances are good that AT&T or their arrangement with Apple has managed to annoy you in one way or another. Now Congress is taking a look at these arrangements, but David Pogue suggests that instead of trying to get an iPhone on Verizon, they should examine a few things that might be of more benefit to the end user, like SMS rate gouging, double-billing, and high overseas call rates. It's a good read, which can be found at


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