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Missing iPhone 5 Spoofed by Conan O’Brien

Not only is it amazing that Apple managed to loose two iPhone prototypes in the last two years, but some are wondering if the entire thing was staged for free publicity. Then there is the question of how Apple security and San Francisco police handled the search of one man’s

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How to (Not) Get Hidden iPad Facebook Application

If you’re not currently jailbroken or have no plans of ever doing so, there’s no point of reading the following unless the purpose is to simply just peak your curiosity. If it’s the total opposite, meaning your iPad is already jailbroken or you’re ready to do so at any moment

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How to Survive Saturday’s Apocalypse With an iPhone (Humor…?)

Now that idiots have made this Saturday, May 21, 2011 a “guaranteed” date for the ultimate impending doom – the beginning of a six-month apocalypse, it is only fitting that the most feature-rich device arguably ever assists you in going above and beyond the rest of the troubled pack (of

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Competitor HTC Taking a Step Backward at 40 Times the Cost

Continuing in iPhone Alley’s weekly dose of humor, HTC provides this week’s bit of true, dare I say, stupidity. As the tablet world is quite a few miles away from the clumsy aberrance that is the “stylus,” HTC will have no trouble selling you one with a… smirk (and perhaps

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Humor: Life-Sized iPad – Slower, Thicker, Heavier

It’s time for some Saturday humor! Following my brief visit to my local Apple store to check out some of the new, white iPhone 5s I saw Apple’s newest product: the iPad 2′s successor, the iPad 2 Life-Sized Version. Admire the huge, color-bursting Smart Covers casing those large, iPad 2-similar-devices.

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iPad 2 Video Review – The Moment You’ve All Been Waiting For!

As a followup to our post about the iPhone 5 we now have found the iPad 2! Forget rumors, forget Apple’s supposed press conference in the summer: there is a video review online already! It corresponds and also proves wrong some of the rumors. Check it out! Ok, if you

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Berzerk Ball App Review – The Sweet Pleasure of Smashing A Geek

So, really, how far can a geek rocket across the sky after being violently smashed? In real life, probably not very far. But in Berzerk Ball it’s up to you. In this simple game of both precision and luck, it matters how you hit and with what you hit along

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Possible Fix Crashing For Applications

Several people have been reporting having a difficult time with some of their newly downloaded and installed apps from the App Store after restoring from a backup. Apps were only showing their start screen when they were launched, and then would immediately quit. If you're having the same problem, read on for the solution.


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