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Who’s More Dedicated, Android or iPhone Owners?

The iPhone / Android war is an interesting one: In one corner you have Apple fans who believe Steve Jobs can do no wrong. In the other corner you have Android fans who think the iPhone is the devil. But does every Android owner really love their smartphone? According to

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OnLive to Make Games Such As Borderlands Playable on Tablets

No longer will tablet gamers be confined to the capabilities of (increasingly improved) mobile hardware for games. OnLive is finally going to bring its on demand cloud gaming service to tablets in a playable form. A concept/demonstration OnLive Viewer app has been available on the iPad for months, but it’s

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Competitor HTC Taking a Step Backward at 40 Times the Cost

Continuing in iPhone Alley’s weekly dose of humor, HTC provides this week’s bit of true, dare I say, stupidity. As the tablet world is quite a few miles away from the clumsy aberrance that is the “stylus,” HTC will have no trouble selling you one with a… smirk (and perhaps

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Photo Collage Lets You View, Share Photos From Around The World

Tapulous released their latest app today called Photo Collage. It lets you view photos taken from around the world by other app users, and upload your own. Additional features include viewing just photos from your friends or near your location, keeping a photo gallery, voting on photos, following photostreams, and communicating with them through the Twinkle app. You can get it in the App Store for free.


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