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iPad mini vs iPad: Mini Packs More Screen for Its Much-Tinier Size

Even though iPad mini may come in a smaller package, it still packs a lot of screen real estate into its form factor with its 7.9" display compared to iPad's 9.7". In fact, the display-to-size ratio is significantly better on iPad mini. For the trade-off in dimensions, iPad mini provides a superior screen real estate that will not feel all that cramped for regular iPad users. Exactly how much of the display does iPad mini, with its absolutely immense reduction in size and weight, pack compared to iPad? Read on for the specifics.


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First Look: The Official Dawn of the Dead iPhone Game

Bytemark games announced on Monday that the official Dawn of the Dead game will be released on the 19th for $2.99 and we got a chance to play with it!

The game is a top-down shooter that follows several of the major plot points from the movie — the remake, that is. Playing as either the cop, the nurse, or the salesman, you goal is to defend yourself against groups of flesh-eating zombies with guns and other blunt objects you find lying around. Unfortunately the story mode is quite short and it can probably be finished in 20 minutes. However, the game also includes a challenge mode with 12 challenges ranging from easy to hard.


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