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So You Got an iPhone/iPod/iPad: Now What? (iPhone Alley’s Getting Started Guide)

Has Santa been gracious enough to leave a gift made by elves of a different breed? Perhaps, a gift featuring a name beginning with the famous “i” we have come to know and love. Welcome to the world of iOS, those lucky enough to find an iPhone 4S/5, iPod touch,

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Wonderland of Game Holiday Sales: Our Picks

The gift giving and receiving does not have to end after a journey to your tree this morning since you can load your iDevices (perhaps one that you had gotten under that tree?) up with games that have been discounted to the point that it is almost as if they

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Casual Cravers: Holiday Havoc App Review – Bursting With Holiday Spirit and Pixels

Since the holiday season is approaching fast and is technically around the corner, developers are taking the cue to start and release holiday-themed applications in light of Christmas and New Years. Certainly not the first of these, but one very worthy of a review is newbie developer, Underground Pixel’s first

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Apple Shows Some Generosity for Holidays, Free Shipping Online

The Cupertino-based company that we all love, is offering free shipping on everything on their online store in light of the holidays as well as, indirectly, their wonderful sales numbers this past Black Friday.

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Bring the Fourth of July Celebration to Your iPhone/iPad

It’s July 4, and every American knows what that means: celebrating our independence with extravagant firework displays! As fireworks going off around me all-night make obvious, it seems more than a few people can’t get enough of the festivities. To those (and tons of others), it is only natural to

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Apple Finally Puts An End To Emoji Enablers, Get ‘Em While They’re Still Available

Yesterday we received word from the developer of Miscalculator [App Store] that an update to the application had been rejected from the App Store due to its inclusion of Emoji enabling code. After the enabler was removed, Apple approved the application. Earlier this evening we received word from the developer of Typing Genius [App Store] who has word from Apple that they're officially banning Emoji enablers in the App Store.


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