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Jailbreak Enthusiast ‘Comex’ Hired by Apple

Right on the verge of the Steve Jobs surprise, as the shock is slowly abating, Apple recently picked up a smart mind. Jailbreak enthusiast ‘Comex’, more commonly known as the hacker behind, has joined Apple as an intern. Made evident through a tweet on the specialist’s part, Comex has

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FCC Investigating Google Voice Banning, Exclusivity Agreements

With uncharacteristic swiftness of a government organization, the FCC says they are now investigating the removal of all Google Voice applications from the App Store. Specifically, they say they are focusing AT&T's possible involvement in it's removal. The FCC submitted three letters to Apple, AT&T and Google asking why the apps were removed from the App Store and why the official Google Voice app was rejected. It also asks if AT&T was "consulted" prior to the decision.


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