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iPhone 5′s Third Mic: “Intended for Much-Improved Siri, Videos, and Calls”

As if two microphones were not enough, Apple has gone a step further with iPhone 5 to improve its mic system. Clearer audio and a wideband range of frequencies are just two features that the three-microphone setup brings to the mix. We have heard from a close source that had

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Apple Adds New iTunes List, “Benchmark Games”, We Agree

I’m not sure how recently this list was added by Apple, but it was new for me, so I decided to post about it. Apple has compiled yet another one of their popular App Store lists, which this time around includes links to Apple’s “Benchmark Games” for multiple categories.

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iPad HD for Pro Market and Brand New iPhone Design This Fall?

The next iPad may not even technically (no pun intended) be the iPad 2′s successor. Instead, it could introduce a new model into the iPad lineup suited for more professional and technologically-enamored users if tech blog This is my next… is to be believed. Rather than adopting a Pro moniker

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Hitachi’s 4.5″ Display First to Beat the Retina Display’s Pixel Density

The first company to claim the award for “being the first to take on Apple’s Retina Display challenge” can go to Hitachi for their new 4.5″ LCD display. With a 16:9 aspect ratio and an impressive 720×1280 (720p) resolution, this display is perfect for HD content and beats the Retina

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Silicon iPhone 3G Case by OrionGadgets

This case by Orion Gadgets is simple and flexible. A cheap alternative to purchasing more expensive iPhone cases, this silicone sleeve is inexpensive and easy to apply.


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