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Nintendo Already Dropping 3DS Price by $80, We Explain Why

After launching in the United States on March 25 of this year to a limited selection of games and a lukewarm response, Nintendo is dropping the price of its 3DS, the company’s newest handheld gaming device, by $80. That brings its original price of $250 to a very reasonable $170.

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Color Splash

ColorSplash is a very simple, yet highly effective program that allows you to give your pictures a professional and snazzy look. It's really fast, incredibly easy, and if done carefully, can actually produce some impressive affects! Say you take a picture of an object and you really wish that it stood out more. The program converts your photo to black and white and then all you have to do is use your finger to "paint" the specific area with color so that the subject stands out dramatically. Problem solved!


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