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Jailbreak Enthusiast ‘Comex’ Hired by Apple

Right on the verge of the Steve Jobs surprise, as the shock is slowly abating, Apple recently picked up a smart mind. Jailbreak enthusiast ‘Comex’, more commonly known as the hacker behind, has joined Apple as an intern. Made evident through a tweet on the specialist’s part, Comex has

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George Hotz – Hired by Facebook

George Hotz a.k.a. GeoHot, the hacker famous for unlocking the iPhone was recently hired by Facebook. The entrance to the Facebook building in Palo Alto, CA has the words “Hack” in large letters. Which comes as no surprise as, Mark Zuckerberg, himself a hacker, has a fondness for hiring guys

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Crackulus Lets Users Break Protection On Downloaded Official Apps, Undermines App Store [Update: Crackulus Pirated?]

If Apple didn't think they had a reason to thwart the jailbreaking movement among iPhone owners before, they sure do now. Crackulous, a new unofficial app that was released to Cydia not long ago, claims to be able to remove the copy protection from App Store apps installed on your iPhone. If true, it would allow a single user to simply buy an app to put it into illegal circulation.


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