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Can iPhone 4 Survive a Thousand-Foot Drop? Yup

In one of those stories that some will cast aside as “too good to be true,” a U.S. Air Force Combat Controller watches his iPhone 4 fall out of his pocket and descend downward toward the ground. At the time, the plane was a thousand feet above ground and flying at

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Griffin + Threadless iPhone Case

Need a new iPhone case?  Tired of just basic colors or bumper cases?  Check out the cases from Griffin and Threadless. For those of you who don’t know what Threadless is, it’s user generated t-shirt company where anyone can submit a t-shirt design.  It was founded by Jake Nickell and

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VoiceEngine SDK To Bring Wi-Fi VoIP Functionality To App Store Apps

Global IP Solutions is preparing to release VoiceEngine, an SDK that will let iPhone app developers integrate real-time VoIP call functionality into their apps. Using this technology, developers will have the ability to build stand-alone VoIP applications for the App Store, as well as integrate the functionality into things like games, chats, social networking, and more.


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