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Apple Highlights the Best Platformers on the App Store

Apple occasionally publishes lists on iTunes highlighting their top picks for select categories, and they've today posted their top platforming games - a genre that I've grown to love especially on iOS. From the older titles including Canabalt, to our 2011 Game of the Year, League of Evil, the list is worth checking out if you're an hardcore fan of various twists on the classic platforming formula as well as the games that pay homage to their past predecessors.


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Artwizz’s PowerBud Review – A Very Elegant and Portable External Battery

When it comes to external batteries on the market, pretty much every one of them is the same. Some have their perks, like a built in stand or other little features that make them a bit more “luxurious” if you would. However, when you really think about it most external

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Doodle Jump Update – Retina Display Capabilities Added to Each Theme!

A few weeks ago, Lima Sky creators of the highly praised Doodle Jump, released an update to the game adding retina display to some of the game. In the update description, they promised retina display for the full game. Well that update is now available. With the update you get

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Fastar! App Review – Fight Angry Squares: The Action RPG

The games on the app store that contain that particular feeling of simplicity are the ones that demand the most attention from me. Simple pickup and play games that can be played anywhere: at home while bored, in a line, on the elevator, and so on. That’s why Fastar! [App

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