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iPhone/iPad Manufacturer Foxconn Replacing Workers with a Million Robots, Beginning of the End for Human Employment?

This story is more breaking, significant news than it may seem at first glance: Foxconn, which manufactures products for a wide array of electronics companies including Apple’s iOS devices, is going to replace workers with a million robots. The company is already using 10,000 with plans for 300,000 next year

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Fun Fact: Apple Has a Bigger Budget Than the U.S. Government

We all know that Apple is a monumental company, but if there is one figure that puts that fact into perspective it is when we compare it to our own government in the United States. Following Apple’s previous earnings report, the company has a total of $76.2 billion in the

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App Showcase: iDaft, A Daft Punk Soundboard

I think I speak for everybody at iPhone Alley when I say that we LOVE Daft Punk. We also love free apps. So when I found iDaft, I nabbed it. Essentially, iDaft lets you be Daft Punk for the song Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger by presenting a series of pads which you tap to play the chorus. Not only can you play the individual chorus lines, but the app even comes with the song minus lyrics so you can play along with it. How fun is that?! If you like Daft Punk, grab this app. Right now. It's free. [App Store]


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