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Nintendo Already Dropping 3DS Price by $80, We Explain Why

After launching in the United States on March 25 of this year to a limited selection of games and a lukewarm response, Nintendo is dropping the price of its 3DS, the company’s newest handheld gaming device, by $80. That brings its original price of $250 to a very reasonable $170.

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Glasses-Free 3D Is Possible on iPad 2 and iPhone 4

As the smash hit Avatar has shown what seems to be the majority, 3D can be quite an experience-changing effect. Many users find that wearing glasses to watch 3D content constantly is impractical and are waiting for the glasses-free revolution. The first big company to kick this off was Nintendo

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Microsoft Producing Voice Recognition App For iPhone

Those of you familiar with the time-old rivalry between software companies Apple and Microsoft probably appreciate the significance of the fact that Apple has created their own software development platform in the iPhone and iPod touch. The App Store is a hit, and everybody wants a part of it, even Microsoft, who recently unveiled plans for their own iPhone app, TellMe.


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