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Accessory Lets iPhone Users Watch 3D YouTube Videos

Wouldn't you say videos are a little flat on the iPhone now? Okay, admittedly some people will say "no" thanks to the vividness and pixel density of the Retina Display. However, those who muttered "yes" can get ready for a whole world of Avatar-esque ooos and ahhs from the relative comfort of their iPhone coupled by a 3D viewer (pushing the phrase "comfort").


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McDonalds To Offer Free Wi-Fi For All

In an attempt to transition their public appearance from a fast food grab-and-go style restaurant to more of a hangout coffee shop, McDonalds will now be offering Wi-Fi for free through none other than AT&T. Previously they only offered Wi-Fi for a $2.95 fee for two hours, and it was only available at 11,000 of their 14,000 locations.


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