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Chillingo Launching Three Titles Tonight

Chillingo has made a large name for themselves over the past few years, since the introduction of the App Store, and that title is very well deserved. The quality of the applications that they publish is flawless, and all have been very well received by the App Store audience. Tonight,

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Review: ThinkGeek’s Joystick-It Arcade Stick for iPhone

Some people just hate the iPhone’s touchscreen, period. Now, why they would even buy one, I don’t know but according to our poll from a few weeks ago, a small minority of our readers prefer an external keyboard over the virtual one currently on the iDevice. These same number of

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PopCap Games to Be Acquired for over $1 Billion

The gaming giant, PopCap Games is said to be being acquired for over $1 billion by TechCrunch’s sources. PopCap Games are the geniuses behind the classics, Plants vs. Zombies (iPhone), Bejeweled (iPhone), Peggle (iPhone) and more. The even bigger giant, who is making the purchase, is not known for sure,

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Offered App – The Easiest, and Most Legal, Way to Get Paid Apps Free

Everyone loves free things, don’t they? That’s why many times people will resort to piracy and such things on the web, which you all hopefully know is illegal – yes folks, you can’t just go out and get paid things for free and expect what you’re doing to be legal!

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TenOneDesign Launching Little Brother to iPad Joystick, Fling Mini

It’s been greatly hyped about, TenOneDesign’s Fling Joystick for its innovative design allowing for sweet, simple joystick gameplay. Previously only available for the iPad, the joystick was an alternative way to play RPGs, dual-stick shooters, and other games with on-screen joysticks, for those iPad owners who weren’t comfortable with virtual

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Siege Hero App Review – Polish Is Very Evident in this Successor of a Classic

If you’re like me, you’ve owned one of Apple’s mobile devices for a few years now, you may remember Armor Games’ fling-to-kill-by-toppling-the-structures-game, much like the modern day version Angry Birds, Crush the Castle. At the time, the game was one of the hottest games on the app store with a

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Apple Sued Over In-App Game Purchases

An angry parent is suing Apple over free iOS games that allow in-app purchases. Garen Meguerian of Phoenixville, Penn says the games allow children to buy Game Currency without a parent's knowledge. According to the suit Meguerian allowed his youngest daughter to download a number of free games from the App Store, but alleges he had no idea that she could use his credit card to purchase virtual currency while playing them. The 9-year-old managed to spend $200 on "Zombie Cafe," "Treasure Story" and "City Story" before her father noticed.


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“Angry Birds: The Movie” Trailer Released

I’ve been hearing about popular games being turned into movies, particularly with the number one series on the app store, Angry Birds. Recently, a comical trailer was released by YouTube user, Rooster Teeth, which showcases some storyline added to the game’s goal of killing pigs. Check it out below! I’m

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iPhoneAlley Giveaway – Free Cases and Apps! ENDED

iPhoneAlley has teamed up with case manufacturer, Speck, as well as a few developers to offer you a chance to win their products! With a total of 78 winners, you have a huge chance to win! To enter EITHER “Like” iPhone Alley on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter and retweet

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Apple’s 10,000,000,000 (billion) App Download Giveaway

Just like last year when Apple gave away a $10,000 iTunes giftcard to the person who downloaded the 10 billionth song, they are doing it this year too. With a little twist, this time its going out to the app-buyer rather than the music-buyer. The app store is amazingly huge,

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