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The Last Rocket App Review

This new application from indie developer, Shaun Inman has literally been my guilty pleasure for the better of the past few days. Day in and day out, I’ve been playing non-stop. Why? Puzzle, platforming and retro elements come together flawlessly in The Last Rocket. The Last Rocket isn’t your traditional

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Bouncer Boot Out App Review – Gel back your hair, polish your boots and wear your shades; it’s time to bounce

Wherever you reside you may have established a system of hierarchy with different groups of people being classified by different criteria or by whom they hang out with. In your work place, school or any other place like this there may be some groups that only mingle with others of

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Flick Buddies App Review – It’s Simple, Yet So Hooking!

The app store got redefined yesterday, yet again with a new kin of game that hit the app store. Flick Buddies takes a strike at the store, and it sure does have a lasting impression on you the first time that you play! Flick Buddies. Taking the role of one

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Wackylands Boss App Review – You can’t touch this!

Playing the good guy is mostly always the case when playing a game on pretty much console. Seldom to games have you as the bad guy making everyone’s life miserable. How often have you played as the alien, the killer, or any other foul creature/character where you are going against

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Gameloft’s “Gangstar: Miami Vindication” Release Date Announced Plus A New Trailer

I know I loved the first Gangstar on my iPod. It was the first GTA lookalike, and it played a heck-lot like the original games by Rockstar. Though the official Grand Theft Auto made its debut a bit after, I still enjoyed Gangstar a whole lot more than it and

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TIM iPhone 3G Plans Leaked?

Earlier this week, TIM announced the pricing for their iPhone 3G handsets, but for whatever reason did not disclose pricing for contracts. An Italian website now claims to have found a leaked internal memo detailing Telecom Italia's plans for iPhone 3G contract pricing.


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