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Gamebox+ App Review – A Freemium Title? No way, it can’t be! Yup, it is!

Whenever you go onto the top 25 free applications on the app store, you usually see a lite version, some utility or some completely pointless application (no offense). You don’t often see a quality game without having limits unless it was promoted with FAAD, or OpenFeint, or some other free

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Apple Corrects Screen Color In New Firmware Update

Remember how we've been talking about the new iPhone 3Gs having a slightly more yellowish tint? Apple has claimed that it was a design decision to make the viewing experience slightly more natural, and was better suited for viewing of photos. Well, it seems that the difference wasn't as subtle as they had hoped, and customers and bloggers picked up on the change. To fix this, Apple has released a new version of the iPhone firmware to cool the screen's color down a bit.


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