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Apple Wins in Court, Blocks U.S. Sales of the Galaxy Nexus

Apple and Samsung have been neck-at-neck in legal battles, with Apple... as Charlie Sheen would say: "winning." Now, Apple has done perhaps the most damage it could to Google with a single Android phone by having Google's flagship smartphone blocked from U.S. sales in the form of an officially-ruled pre-trial injunction. That phone is of course the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the latest in Google's official phone lineup, making this not only a potentially major blow to both companies but also the future of Android.


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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Sales Banned at Apple’s Request

Things are not looking good for Samsung in the legal battle with Apple as sales of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet have been banned in the European Union, with the exception of the Netherlands. Apple was granted a preliminary injunction against the tablet, putting a hold on distribution within

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Samsung Promoting a Smart Cover Knock-off for the Galaxy Tab

Not only is Samsung promoting and marketing a case for its Galaxy Tab tablet that is a knock-off of Apple’s iPad 2 Smart Cover, but Samsung did not make sure that it scored points for the creativity that they desperately need. The designers did not even attempt to try to

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Samsung Retaliates, Demands to See Next iPhone and iPad

Samsung is going to fight fire with an even brighter fire that will probably burn out quicker. In a move that Apple will do everything in its power not to satisfy, Samsung requested access to the most recent production model of the next “commercial versions” of the iPhone and iPad.

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