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Wackylands Boss App Review – You can’t touch this!

Playing the good guy is mostly always the case when playing a game on pretty much console. Seldom to games have you as the bad guy making everyone’s life miserable. How often have you played as the alien, the killer, or any other foul creature/character where you are going against

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Reckless Racing App Review – Drive, Drift, and Have A Good Time! UPDATE: $0.99 Sale!

EA has released a few racing titles for the iDevice, both being a part of the NFS series. (NFS Shift and Underground) We had yet to see a quality top-down racer that was better than LilRacerZ by a whole lot. And that’s when I found out about Reckless Racing which

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New Game Mode Revealed for Halfbrick’s Fruit Ninja!

The team over at Halfbrick have been quite busy folk with the recent release of Age of Zombies (our review) and with yet another title in development. This morning I, and obviously tons of others, received word that that the “coming soon” spot in Fruit Ninja would soon be replaced

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UltraDeep (quick)App Review – Endless Fun in an Endless Game

Previously releasing Zombie Escape with iPhone publishers, Chillingo, Viqua Games is back for even more frenzy action on the app store. Their most recent game, UltraDeep looks past the line-drawing and commonly seen zombie genres and instead introduces a fine piece of endless gaming! Many of the endless amount of

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Age of Zombies App Review – The Age of Halfbrick is Once Again Here!

With so many apps on the app store, only four of them belong to Halfbrick Studios. However with two of these so far (Fruit Ninja, Monster Dash) this small game development company has reached a position that no other company of their size has! The two apps have pretty much

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Game Dev Story App Review – Flash Through 20 Years of Game Development

Ever wonder what it’s like to be the head of a game development company? I’m sure many of you have enjoyed games to their core, but have you ever wondered what it takes to make those game? How much time is put in, the amount of money invested and a

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Pig Shot App Review – Highly Addictive, Pig Slinging Action!

What do you think of when you hear, or look at pigs. Do you think, perhaps, that they’re ugly, mud dwelling creatures bound on staying dirty? Or do you think of cute, pink animals? I for one, used to think they were pretty ugly, and dirty…and oh yeah, stinky too.

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Time Geeks: Find All! App Review – My Expectations Met And Passed

After posting about Time Geeks: Find All last week a few hours before its release, I was super pumped to get the game right away and start playing. It turns out, that my excitement and impressions about the game, weren’t let down! If you’ve ever like Where’s Waldo, Time Geeks:

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chronoSgear App Review – RPG Meets Match 3. New Genre?

Never have I been too interested in RPG games. Zenonia 2 came out — other people were completely off the ground with joy. Me, I didn’t care. However, after playing chronoSgear, I have come to the conclusion that the game is tolerable, and that I’m actually enjoying it…a bunch! chronoSgear

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Virtual City App Review – SimCity Actually Made Enjoyable: and I thought it was impossible…

I for one, never really enjoyed the original SimCity for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It just didn’t live up to all of the hype, like it was supposed to. People say that the new version, SimCity Deluxe poses a great improvement compared to the first, but who wants to

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