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Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 App Review – The App Store Scarred With Lightning: The Best of Bests!

I was lulled into sweet gameplay just the other day as soon as I opened up Warner Bros highly anticipated game which was ported from many consoles: Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4. If you’re familiar with the Harry Potter series (I mean, who isn’t?), you know his life is full

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Illusia App Review – An RPG That Tests Your Skill, But Also Your Patience

The RPG genre on the app store has been seeing a huge growth in the past few month, but past few weeks mainly. Many of the large developers have been releasing their titles, and it seems that games are being spit out day after day. This gives even more reason

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Flick Buddies App Review – It’s Simple, Yet So Hooking!

The app store got redefined yesterday, yet again with a new kin of game that hit the app store. Flick Buddies takes a strike at the store, and it sure does have a lasting impression on you the first time that you play! Flick Buddies. Taking the role of one

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Super Stick Golf App Review – Super-Duper, Irresistible, Zany Golf

My favorite game of all time for the iDevice: Stick Golf. The casual, arcade platforming action sucks me up for hours every single time I play without fail. You can guess I was overjoyed on Friday, when the sequel Super Stick Golf made its arrival on the app store. It

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Super Blast 2 App Review – A Fun Little Delicacy of the App Store

Super Blast 2 from Phantoom Entertainment is the long awaited sequel to their previous endeavor which is currently free. Just released today, Super Blast 2 is a casual yet also intense shmup that while being incredibly addictive, can also be a little repetitive. The game, alike the prequel, is a

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FMX Riders App Review – It’s Got Potential, But It Just Doesn’t Execute It

Since I saw this title emerge about a month or so ago, I’d been eagerly waiting for it to arrive into the app store. With anticipation, I tried the game with hopes that it would live up to all of the hype, but was faced with an attractive racer yet

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Push Panic App Review – A Frenzy, Frantic, and Fantastic Puzzle Game!

Addiction has come over me, bringing a new wave a of regret each time I play as my game sessions tend to go on longer than I had hoped. All because of a two man team, and a true app store gem… Did the developers code wrong? Did they, accidentally,

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Chop Chop Caveman App Review – Me Hungry! Me Want Food!

Since the announcement by Gamerizon that they had started working on yet another game, I’ve been following the development taking not of all of the little changes and such that they made to the game. After waiting for about a month or two, the game that I had mostly been

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Wispin App Review – An App of Crazy, Colorific Fun!

Released by Grumpyface Studios just the other day, Wispin is an odd yet enticing mix involving colors and quick fingers. Using the on-screen/tilt controls, you must eliminate the constantly arriving hordes of Bloopers and rack up the largest score that you possible can. In Wispin you play as a cute

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Revolt App Review – Lock ‘n’ Load!

Bam, bam, bam. All you hear is one man’s desperate shots against the solid forces of the futuristic robots. Revolt, finally making its way into the app store after months and months of anticipation. In a technocratic world taking place some years from present day, one man, Guy, fights against

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