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Plan and Device Prices to Significantly Drop with iPhone 5?

Since rumors are really heating up regarding the potential for the next iPhone to make its way onto Sprint, it seems fitting to further discuss the effects consumers would see as a result of every major carrier selling Apple’s highly sought-after popular device. When it comes to pricing, everything could

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Best Buy Giving Away iPhones?

Christmas is coming early to Best Buy customers tomorrow on December 10th. If you are looking to gift an iPhone to a member of your family or you have a dusty old 3G that you are wanting to upgrade, this might be the deal for you. Best Buy will be

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iPhone 3G Unboxing Photos

The first iPhone 3G unboxing photos have been taken and posted to the iPhonePortugal forums. This specific iPhone seems to be a demo unit for use in retail stores. From the photos you can see a few changes. The clear plastic tray which holds the device has been replaced with a biodegradable black tray and the dock is now missing from the mix. The user notes that the Internet speed is very good and that the App Store does not currently work. Hit the jump to see the photos, including one of the fabled "sim ejector tool".


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