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TenOneDesign Launching Little Brother to iPad Joystick, Fling Mini

It’s been greatly hyped about, TenOneDesign’s Fling Joystick for its innovative design allowing for sweet, simple joystick gameplay. Previously only available for the iPad, the joystick was an alternative way to play RPGs, dual-stick shooters, and other games with on-screen joysticks, for those iPad owners who weren’t comfortable with virtual

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iMacworld: Macworld Expo Info In Your Pocket

With Macworld Expo being just two weeks away, it's time for all you attending to start preparing for the event. Arguably the most important item will be a way to find your favorite exhibitors, and IDG has just the thing. iMacworld [iTunes Link] is their first iPhone application and its sole purpose is to get you as much info about the expo and events as possible. The app is free and currently includes a list of exhibitors which can be found by booth number, product name, or company name. Additionally, messages from IDG and updates will be automatically downloaded whenever network access is available.


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