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iPhone Alley’s Weekend Gamer Edition – A Pixel-Plagued Week of Releases

As we evaluate and take some of the many applications released each week through our review process, we try to highlight the best aspects of some and furthermore the best all around. More specifically, with games. At the end of every week, we’ll give you a rundown on a few

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PC Users: Dealing with a Slow iTunes

It seems as if a bunch of inexperienced newbie programmers designed the iTunes us PC users have to currently use. We never get any mercy from the buggy software packed to the brim with its error messages and slow-running interface, whereas the Mac OSX user over there is faced with

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Fix for ‘No Content’ Bug

While syncing my iPod just now I noticed, when navigating to the music app, that there was apparently “No Content”. However, on my computer, it said that I had my some 400 songs. Weird, huh? After syncing and syncing, it was contantly displaying the message, so I decided to experiment

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Ridax Taking Preorders For Charger Adapter For iPhone 3G

Ridax has announced that they are now taking preorders for their new iPhone 3G charger adapter. The small 1.5"x1.5"-ish device will have a male 30-pin connector at one end and a female one at the other end, and will allow an iPhone 3G to be charged on a device not intended for the iPhone 3G. It does this by converting the charge in the device to a level that the iPhone 3G operates with.


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