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[Upcoming] Beautiful Apocalyptic Shooter The Drowning by Halo & Battlefield Devs

If the end of the world is upon us, it cannot get much more genre-defining than in boundary-pushing shooter The Drowning by developers that have brought their magic touch to Halo, Far Cry, and Battlefield. Not only is the apocalyptic mobile gaming category about to get serious, but it will

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New Security Flaw Could Block Email, Safari, Other Apps

A new security flaw has been uncovered in the iPhone's software that could have potentially serious ramifications. The issue lies in the ability to download system configuration files over-the-air through Mobile Safari, which enterprise businesses use to install configuration files to make setup possible. A group of anonymous hackers have figured out a way to make the configuration file register as being "Verified" on the device, and even have it show up as being sent from Apple Inc, allowing them to trick someone into install a malicious system config file without knowing it.


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