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Fun Fact: Apple Has a Bigger Budget Than the U.S. Government

We all know that Apple is a monumental company, but if there is one figure that puts that fact into perspective it is when we compare it to our own government in the United States. Following Apple’s previous earnings report, the company has a total of $76.2 billion in the

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Apple Sells Record Number of iPhone and iPad Devices

Apple’s third fiscal 2011 quarter was full of company records – and since we are talking about one of the world’s biggest companies, that means significant margins. Not only are iPhone sales up 142% from last year, but iPad sales are also up 183% even as Apple is still scrambling

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Factory-Unlocked iPhone 3Gs Available From has started selling factory-unlocked iPhone 3Gs. Because they've been unlocked at the factory, these iPhones can always be updated and they're covered under standard Apple warranties. It seems that only 16GB iPhones are currently being offered at a price of $799.99, $100 more than a contract-free iPhone. If the offer is legit (and we think it is), those looking for a no-hassle, unlocked iPhone 3G are in luck.


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