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How to Watch Sunday’s FIFA Final from Your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad

There’s never a lack of iPhone applications for anything, so there are certainly a few essentials for iPhone users wanting to catch the Women’s FIFA Final tomorrow. The excitement has built up in the past few months, and the US Women’s National Team is at the peak of their wonderful

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Cha-Ching for iPhone and iPod touch Now Available

Midnight Software's Cha-Ching is now available on the iPhone and iPod touch. The mobile version will use GPS and Wi-Fi and cell tower triangulation to automatically gain location information to make transaction input a breeze. Users can customize groups to keep track of different types of spending, such as car payments, utilities and even search transactions based on location names. If you use the desktop client, things get even better, allowing the user to sync transaction information over wifi straight to their mobile device, for access on the go. Cha-Ching is available now in the App Store for an introductory price of $2.99 [App Store].


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