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Fake SBSettings Jailbreak App for iOS is a Scam

Apple has yet to allow applications that directly modify iOS into the App Store, so those people who are in search of ways to personalize their devices resort to Cydia - the number one marketplace for the numerous amount of tweaks and handy additions that innovative developers are constantly churning out. This means, however, that users must jailbreak their devices which effectively voids the 1-year, standard warranty included with the purchase of an Apple device. Due to the inconvenience involved with the jailbreaking process as a whole, tweak developers are always searching for ways to bypass the Apple guidelines and get their modifications onto the App Store to appeal to a wider demographic of people.


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Watch Out for Fake iPhone 5GS Release Emails

A new spam/phishing scheme feeds off of the anticipation for the next-generation iPhone in order to lure users into malware. Disguising itself in an attempt to duplicate Apple’s email layout, though failing in the typical fashion of spam emails; there is a blatant lack of consistency and thought in its

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