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Apple Sends Out Invitations To October 4 Media Event

At least one rumor turned out to be true so far. Apple Insider received an invitation to Apple’s press conference on Tuesday, Oct. 4. The invite was decorated with icons of a clock, the date, a map and a phone with the tagline “Let’s talk iPhone.” So it’s official, October

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Listen Up: Facebook iPad Application Can Be Downloaded Again

Disappointed that to date there hasn’t been a native Facebook for iPad application, then happy when a downloadable one was found and now again disappointed because Facebook found out and stopped the downloading? Well perk up grumpy, yet another workaround has been found thanks to a well-known hacker. The good

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Classic Myst Now Available In The App Store

Fans of the classic computer game, Myst, will be excited to hear that it has made its debut in the App Store! It was released last night for the price of $5.99, as well as the enormous download size of 727MB! For those who are not familiar with Myst, the game was first released for the Mac in 1993. By today's standards, the game may seem rather simple, but it quickly became the bestselling game of that era.


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