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Facebook Messenger App Available For iPhone and Android

Facebook tapped into their newly acquired group messaging firm Beluga to develop the Facebook Messenger app for the iPhone and Android devices. Facebook Messenger is a separate app from the regular Facebook app that simplifies messaging. Users can use one click to communicate with their friends on Facebook or in

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Facebook iPad App Hiding in the iPhone

What ever happened to that Facebook app for the iPad that was mentioned months ago? It’s hiding in the latest version of the iPhone app. TechCrunch discovered a hidden code for the iPad app while poking around version 3.4.4 of the Facebook iPhone application. While the dodgy app for the

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For All Angry Birds “Lovers”

The Angry Birds keep finding ways to wiggle into our lives from creating the holiday version of its game to the Angry Birds cameo appearance in Rio. These Birds aren’t going anywhere and their developers keep finding new ways to get our attention. No other app that I know of

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Photos: Damaged iPhone 3Gs

Possibly one of the most crippling disadvantages of the iPhone 3G is the fact that it is a physical object. Because of this, it is subject to the same laws of physics and the hazards this can create when it comes in contact to forces, certain kinds of surfaces, or various aqueous or otherwise fluid substances. However, if you're fascinated by seeing wonderful things be destroyed, then you'll like Flickr user maherleagues' photo album.


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