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Offered App – The Easiest, and Most Legal, Way to Get Paid Apps Free

Everyone loves free things, don’t they? That’s why many times people will resort to piracy and such things on the web, which you all hopefully know is illegal – yes folks, you can’t just go out and get paid things for free and expect what you’re doing to be legal!

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At Macworld: TuneBlocker Blocks iTunes Sync When You Only Want To Charge

The guys over at Matias have a new toy here at the Expo that's sure to please many iPhone owners. It's called the TuneBlocker, and it lets you decide wether you want to sync your iPhone or just charge it. It has a single switch: switch it one way and you can charge your device on any machine without it contacting iTunes to sync, keeping it safe from having it's music overwritten. Switch it the other way and it acts as a normal connector cable, and your iPhone will sync with iTunes.


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