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League of Evil 2 Trailer Dashes Onto the Web

Our 2011 Game of the Year, League of Evil, was released at the beginning of last year. Said company, Ravenous Games, is set to debut the sequel to their acclaimed pixel platformer after teaming up with Bulletproof Outlaws to produce a new graphical style, later this month, and they’ve posted

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Sneak Peek: League of Evil 2

We took this mighty fine application through our review process, and it came out with flying colors, and Apple also listed it in their “Benchmark Games” list, which we posted about yesterday. What application? League of Evil. Exclusive shots of its successor have recently been released, and we’ve got them

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Max and the Magic Marker App Review

The platforming genre on the app store has seen a major increase over the past few months with the arrival of many new, decent platformers. Newest to the table, Max and the Magic Marker [$1.99], from publishers, EA and developers, Press Play, is a unique combination of puzzle and platforming

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League of Evil App Review – Best Platforming Goodness Ever!

If you’re a major gamer that keeps track of all of the new, noticed games to hit the app store everyday using an RSS feed, maybe, or even an online forum you may be familiar with the considerable wave of games that were released into the app store today.

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League of Evil Arriving Thursday, February 3rd

We posted about League of Evil during the holiday season with a brief trailer and some information. As a reminder, it’s a slick pixel-styled platformer with 54 levels and more on the way as you play as a secret spy with a mission to kill different scientists. Also included in

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League of Evil, Pixel-Platformer, Revealed

Though I haven’t posted anything on it yet, I’ve been following the development of Ravenous Games’ (previously Cave Run, Ravenous Trivia/HD) newest work, League of Evil. I couldn’t get much off of their occasional tweets about new additions to the game, but with their steady release of screenshots every Saturday,

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Fastar! The Simplistic RPG Goes Free for a Limited Time Only!

I love the Free App A Day service. Like seriously, am in love with it. They offer the greatest games for free and today’s (well tomorrow’s but it’s already showing up free) is Fastar! I loved the game in my review, and now you can pick it up for free

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