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Court Filing Says Steve Jobs Enforced No-Hire Policy with Palm with the Threat of a Patent Lawsuit

According to a court filing made public on Tuesday, Steve Jobs threatened to sue Palm, citing patent infringement claims, if the the company didn’t agree to refrain from approaching Apple employees for potential jobs.

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Instapaper 2.2 App En Route for iPad, Screenshots Revealed

The iPad is en route and this may be the first cool thing you'll buy for it. Instapaper developer Marco Arment is hard at work on Instapaper Pro for the iPad. For those who don't know, Instapaper [App Store, $4.99] is a simple bookmarking application that takes any piece of content on the web and allows you to save it for later reading. The original iPhone app, according to the developer's preview, has been reworked into an iPad version to support the iPad's doubled screen resolution (the iPhone version, per Arment, looking "awful" prior to the conversion).

The end result is Instapaper 2.2, a "universal" version of the app which works on both the iPhone and the iPad (as well as looks good), which Arment has managed to work out via a feature in the newest version of it iPhone OS SDK.


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