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iOS Virus Acquirable Through Safari Gaining Momentum

It seems a hacker has discovered a way to break into the iOS core from within Safari and is using the exploit to distribute a virus through it. The links that host the virus right now are advertised as sites that could unlock your device. The fake program uses the

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Microsoft Gets Silverlight Video Streaming On iPhone With Apple’s Blessing

In an unlikely twist, Microsoft has successfully demonstrated streaming video powered by their Silverlight technology playing on an iPhone. The technology uses server-side transcoding and an HTML5 video tag, and displays Silverlight content in a native H.264/MPEG-2 v8 format recognized by the iPhone's built in Quicktime player. Most surprising was the response of Microsoft User Experience Platform Manager Brian Goldfarb when asked how they succeeded with Silverlight where Adobe had failed with Flash: "We worked with Apple."


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Microsoft: Silverlight For iPhone Not Likely

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has in the past expressed interest in getting Microsoft Silverlight, their own take on an Adobe Flash developing framework, on the iPhone, but at the time he said he hadn't discussed it with Apple so he didn't have many details to go in to. Now Microsoft is back and while they're making a concerted effort to get it on Google's Android platform, Silverlight on iPhone is becoming less and less likely.


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