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Dungeon Defenders: First Wave App Review – A Frantic Mix of the Tower Defense and RPG Genres

Making the best game in all aspects considered before being bought is essential of developers. You’ll rarely ever see a really sloppy game up at the top, right? There always has to be some sort of “zing” for the game to be a successful one. Dungeon Defenders: First Wave has

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Talking Friends Series Could Surpass Angry Birds?

If you’ve been watching the app store’s Top 25 list or are a big fan of the wide variety of entertainment applications available, you might have noticed a few apps from the same developer floating somewhere near the top. Which apps? The Talking Friends series from Outfit7 which includes Talking

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Virtual City App Review – SimCity Actually Made Enjoyable: and I thought it was impossible…

I for one, never really enjoyed the original SimCity for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It just didn’t live up to all of the hype, like it was supposed to. People say that the new version, SimCity Deluxe poses a great improvement compared to the first, but who wants to

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Mark/Space Releases Windows Version of Missing Sync for iPhone

Windows may be your operating system of choice or it may be forced upon you, but there's some good news if you're an iPhone owner. On Thursday, software company Mark/Space introduced a Windows version of its Missing Sync for iPhone software.


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