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Om Nom Hungry for More, Cut the Rope 2 Details Emerge

I seriously can’t imagine being able to eat pounds of candy at one time, especially the amount that iPhone puzzler, Cut the Rope’s star Om Nom chomps up. Going through over 150 boxes, it’s a wonder that he’s not full or unable to eat yet – and that’s definitely interesting

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Stick It – iPhone Sticky Notes

Stick It is a great list/memo app that's easy to use and more importantly, super fast to access. When your arms are full, the last thing you want to have to do is unlock your phone, scroll through your apps, and wait for your to-do list to load. While those things really don't take THAT long to accomplish, it can be a real hassle while trying to juggle a baby and a shopping basket. Developer Mark Peterson has created an app that can completely replaced the iPhone's default, Notes. All you have to do is make your note and then post it as your device's wallpaper.


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