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Fun Fact: Apple Has a Bigger Budget Than the U.S. Government

We all know that Apple is a monumental company, but if there is one figure that puts that fact into perspective it is when we compare it to our own government in the United States. Following Apple’s previous earnings report, the company has a total of $76.2 billion in the

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Poll Shows iPhone 3G Owners Rejecting O2 Pricing For iPhone 3G S

Macworld recently surveyed iPhone owners O2 for their carrier (1,400 at the time it was written), and found that there is strong resentment toward O2 for their subsidized pricing policies. Only 14% of respondents will be making the upgrade, and 4.1% will be within their contracts and have to pay the higher price. 47.7%, nearly half, of voters said they would be waiting out their 3G contracts to get the 3G S. In fact, 21% were so outraged that they say they won't buy the new iPhone until it's on a new carrier.


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