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iPhone vs. Droid

The other day I was helping a coworker set up his iPhone and I noticed it had some major damage. He had jailbroken the phone to allow him a work around from the damaged home button. I asked him if he was planning to get an iPhone 4 soon since

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iPhone 4 Users Happier than Other Smart Phone Users

A new study conducted by an independent consumer research company found that out of all the smart phones, iPhone 4 users are the happiest and most satisfied with their smart phone. As an owner of an iPhone 4 and having played with an Android operating system phone, I definitely agree.

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TuneBase FM for iPhone or iPod

Listen to your iPhone or iPod in the car, Cut through the static with ClearScan. Avoid the frustration of manually finding a clear FM station. ClearScan technology quickly scans and finds the best FM frequency-all with one push of a button.


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