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Upcoming ‘Dream:scape’ – Third iOS Game to Use the Unreal Engine

Awhile back I had reviewed reviewed Dungeon Defenders: First Wave, which was the second game on the iOS platform to use the Unreal Engine – the effect? Some super-duper visuals, which were highly praised by both I and the whole press world. The first game to use this console-quality engine,

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WWDC Featured 3D Game ‘Kroll’ Hits App Store

Kroll, the 3D adventure game from Digital Legend that was demoed at WWDC '08, has finally been released to the App Store. Its debut at the keynote was impressive, with stunning 3D graphics, but word has it that gameplay leaves a little to be desired and it's been getting mixed reviews. Still, if your interested you can check it out in the App Store for $7.99. There's a demo video after the break.


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