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Review: BoxWave EverTouch Capacitive Stylus (Can iOS Users Benefit from a Stylus?)

Rare is that an iPhone or iPad user has ever looked back at the stylus and thought that it could be of beneficial use to supplement the multi-touch interface of gestures and swipes. Perhaps that may ring true, although that does not mean that a stylus cannot add to the experience. Well, for the right user that is. BoxWave makes its own stride with a new stylus that has the claim to fame of a unique mesh tip, but is it enough to compel you to pick up the EverTouch stylus? Read on for our very complete thoughts on what a stylus can and cannot add in the touchscreen era.


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Farts vs. Zombies App Review – Everything Wrong With the App Store Done Right

We posted about this title multiple times once with the gist of it and again warning you that the game would be on the app store soon after it was resubmitted. Since the time that I saw the trailer I couldn’t get the game out of my mind which is

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Exclusion Zone: Anti-Air Warfare App Review – Protect Your Base In This Exact Opposite of Flight Control

Exclusion Zone: Anti-Air Warfare recently released by Appular offers intense line-drawing action where you direct missiles at oncoming aircraft preventing them from ultimately reaching your base. Though it stands out with its stand-out premise, it doesn’t take into consideration that good graphics are essential to the overall fun level of

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Zombie Escape App Review – It’s An Epidemic, Watch Out!

Chillingo, as promised a few months ago have released yet another zombie/monster game. This time more brutal, gory, and most of all addicting. Taking the line-drawing genre, Zombie Escape has you ridding different environments of zombies with the use of helicopters, bombs, and a whole lot of other destructive weapons!

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