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Listen Up: Facebook iPad Application Can Be Downloaded Again

Disappointed that to date there hasn’t been a native Facebook for iPad application, then happy when a downloadable one was found and now again disappointed because Facebook found out and stopped the downloading? Well perk up grumpy, yet another workaround has been found thanks to a well-known hacker. The good

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BlackBerry Curve Outselling iPhone 3G in Q1 2009

CNET is reporting that, according to research published by NPD Group, RIM's BlackBerry Curve outsold the iPhone 3G in the first quarter of 2009. And while most of you will likely sigh a great sigh of "who cares," we think it's interesting to see the leaders and just how close the smartphone race is. What's really interesting here is to examine what pushed RIM over the top. According to NPD, it was a "buy one get one free" deal from Verizon.


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