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Could New Technology Fix iPhone’s Screen Glitches?

It was back in November that developers at CMA Megacorp tweeted news concerning a possible bug in the iPhone 5′s touch screen interface. “Slide finger back and forth diagonally on screen, [and] input events drop out or stop altogether,” the tweet advised. On the heels of that claim come rumors,

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Capcom Releases Street Fighter IV for the iPhone, iPod Touch

It's here and if you played way too much of it in the arcade or on your console, you're going to like this.

On Wednesday, Capcom released fighting classic Street Fighter IV [App Store, $9.99] for the iPhone and iPod touch handsets. Per touchArcade, the new version includes the eight classic fighters (Guile, Chun-Li, Ken, Ryu, Blanka, etc), each with a variety of fighting styles, attempting to win the Street Fighter tournament.


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