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Breaking: Video of ‘iPhone 5′ Back Design

As a follow up of sorts to the images of the next iPhone that surfaced last week, electronics parts company eTrade Supply has uploaded a video (just minutes prior to this posting) showcasing what the back looks like in, err, a posing shot… as well as a full 360-degree overview

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Next-Generation iPad Rumors Confirm Past Speculation

As the expected time of the announcement of the next-generation iPad, which is being highly anticipated, approaches closer and closer, we're inevitably going to see a ton of different rumors pop here here and there of which some will be completely plausible while others may be quite peculiar. Regardless, the first of those has spilled in, that confirms some past speculation.


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Ultimate Ears 100 Headphones Review – Design, Sharpness, and Comfort. Where’s the amazing sound quality?

Since I got my new iPod this September, I’ve had a brand new pair of pristine Apple headphones wrapped up sitting in the box: never used em’, haven’t planned on doing so. They’re not that bad, but seriously. Who wants to pay $30 for a semi-good pair of headphones when

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Waterfield Design’s iPod Suede Jacket Review – New iPod Touch 4? Scared about Scratching? Solution.

I’ve never really owned a pouch for my iPod, so I didn’t really know what to expect when I received the iPod Suede Jacket from Waterfield Design. Would it be good, or would it be bad? Only time would tell, and it sure did! I recently got the new iPod

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AT&Tards Post “Getting iReady” Video, Confirm 8AM Launch Time

As if AT&T hadn't done enough to agitate everyone with their iPhone plan announcement, they've now posted a video which they call "Getting iReady". Please. The only thing I'm iReady to do after watching this thing is to iHang myself. Granted, it does have some useful info squeezed in there such as the launch time of 8AM on July 11th and how AT&T is going to wipe your voicemail as a gift for upgrading. There are two videos, one for existing customers and another for new customers. Check 'em out, just watch your head while you're banging it on your keyboard. Better yet, after watching the AT&T iReady video, watch Apple's iPhone 3G Guided Tour. You'll feel much better after watching Bob's awesome tour skills.


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