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$9,000,000 in Damages, Several Almost Die, 21 Homeless in App Marketing Stunt Reportedly Gone Wrong

All for the promotion of a game that the developer claims had gone terribly amiss, the company behind a foolish marketing stunt claims that $9,000,000 was caused in damages and 21 have become homeless as a result of the company's total disregard in devising a ludicrous public spectacle. Several people had even come close to death as result of a poorly-planned wrecking ball demolition... or not.


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Touchless To Be The Next Multitouch?

A new experimental technology may mean the end of smudged up screens forever. The bright folks at Tokyo University have come up with a new way of interacting with a device with a screen. Instead of registering touches, it senses gestures optically using a hi-resolution camera to find a finger in 3D space, allowing it to tell not only where you're trying to point a cursor, but also sense "clicks" and other gestures. It's not impossible to think that this is the future of mobile computing, but it doesn't look very ergonomic, and typing looks like a pain. Video after the break.


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