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Catcha Prince App Review – A Pixel-y Mashup of TD and RPG

Drawmind have done an amazing job in executing their game, Catcha Prince. This relatively new, clever mashup of the tower defense and RPG genres doesn’t disappoint. Players will find themselves of a large, four story tower. You’re placed with the task of defending the tower by strategically placing three selected

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Dungeon Defenders: First Wave App Review – A Frantic Mix of the Tower Defense and RPG Genres

Making the best game in all aspects considered before being bought is essential of developers. You’ll rarely ever see a really sloppy game up at the top, right? There always has to be some sort of “zing” for the game to be a successful one. Dungeon Defenders: First Wave has

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Guns’n'Glory App Review – Tower Defense At Its Greatest

Never ever have I fancied the commonly found tower defense genre. It just seems too boring – all you do is buy stuff and watch that stuff kill your enemies. You don’t get to control anything, you just sit and wait. That is the case in Guns’n’Glory you control a

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