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Super Blast 2 App Review – A Fun Little Delicacy of the App Store

Super Blast 2 from Phantoom Entertainment is the long awaited sequel to their previous endeavor which is currently free. Just released today, Super Blast 2 is a casual yet also intense shmup that while being incredibly addictive, can also be a little repetitive. The game, alike the prequel, is a

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How To Get Out Of Your T-Mobile Account For Free

Looking to get out of a contract with T-Mobile in the U.S. so you can switch to an iPhone on AT&T? For those who aren't near the end of their T-Mobile contracts, the only way to get an iPhone any time soon will be to get out of your contract. Most of the time this will mean paying a few hundred bucks in cancellation fees, but as of July 1st there could be a way to get out of your contract fast without paying another dime.


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